Boy and Girl on Autism Spectrum in FIDGETECH Explorer Program.

FIDGETECH Explorer (EX) program members participate in team projects, individual projects, group instruction, and self-study.  FIDGETECH technical instructors and volunteers are available to help members develop skills, pursue personal interests, and reach project development goals.  Group instruction is provided on a number of technologies based on member interest.  Common technologies include Blender, Photoshop, Java, HTML/CSS, SketchUp, C++/C#, Unreal, GameMaker, Unity, SparkFun, and others.  EX program members are encouraged to explore unfamiliar areas of technology in order to expand their technical abilities and understanding.


FIDGETECH members have the opportunity to participate in member activities and hear from a variety of guest speakers which vary throughout the program. Speakers might include: professionals in technology, authors, and business owners.

For more information on starting dates and program fees, please contact: Justine Haigh | (503) 724-3619