FIDGETECH PB works with local business to overcome the many obstacles to gainful employment.  PB members are provided with real-world technical tasks and interactions with businesses and professionals to build a portfolio of skills and accomplishments. FIDGETECH PB program members receive technical training in various topics including: Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, MVC, Windows, Apache, OS X, SQL Server, MySQL, ASP.NET, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Azure, AWS, Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and more. Training is provided for the practical application of these subjects and technologies for individual and team projects, including projects sponsored by local business and organizations. Specific training is determined by project requirements. The project work allows members to build a portfolio to showcase technical abilities and the local business/organization projects facilitate workplace exposure and work experience.

Workplace Skills Training: FIDGETECH PB members will participate in Rethinking Careers training to learn essential workplace skills.  Rethinking Careers is a proprietary curriculum developed by Incite Works to teach members how to think like employers. This method covers a variety of valuable competencies including: communicating in the workplace, building credibility and confidence, decision-making and problem solving, and managing emotions and behavior.


FIDGETECH members have the opportunity to participate in member activities and hear from a variety of guest speakers which vary throughout the program. Speakers might include: professionals in technology, authors, and business owners.

For more information on starting dates and program fees, please contact: Justine Haigh | (503) 724-3619